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McLaren Elva: How Does It Work


The McLaren Elva might be one of the oddest production models to come. When McLaren took the covers off, a lot of people were surprised by the design as it was clear that the windscreen is missing here.

Without that, the fans have been wondering how the vehicle drives and if the driver and passenger Will actually need to put on a helmet to drive it. Well, according to McLaren, the issue is solved with the design of the vehicle.

It is explained that air now enters the lower intake on the front fascia and is put through a J-shaped duct that will mitigate airflow. The duct will curve the airflow and high speeds and blocks the airflow coming from the front creating what they call a “virtual canopy” that will protect those insides from the wind.

The idea is pretty interesting and you can watch how the air flows around the vehicle in the explanation video below.

Author:Michelle Kade

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