Going down the electric routes is what most automakers are working on right now and the Mercedes-A-Class is no exception but doesn’t expect to see a full EV model coming from Mercedes anytime soon.

According to Autocar, Mercedes will be offering two plug-in hybrid powertrains when the Mercedes A-Class arrives called the A22e 4Matic and A250e 4Matic. These vehicles will come fitted with a 1.3-liter petrol engine and an electric motor.

The A220e model’s gasoline engine will be offering about 136hp while the A250e model will offer 163hp. Both electric motor will produce 90hp. The report also added that there is no mention of any full EV model being added to the lineup.

At this point, nobody knows when Mercedes plans to take the covers off the vehicle but some people think that we might see it at the Paris Auto Show next year.

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