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Mercedes-Benz Shows Off New Steering Wheel


Mercedes showed off their new steering wheel which we will be seeing on some of their new models with the Mercedes=Benz E-Class being one of the first.

The new steering wheel will be fitted with some additional capacitive-touch technology. From the image seen, we can see that the new version will have more touch-sensitive nubs now on the spokes and the rim. These sensors can be used with the semi-automated steering assistance function.

The new steering wheel will also come with new flat-surface capacitive-touch switches that will include the touch-slider, four-way touch controller, single-function touch buttons, and more.

The design have also been updated. In fact, there will be three designs now starting with the Luxury version which is what we are seeing in these new images, the SUpersport version will come with a sculpted rim with a flat bottom. There is also the Sport design.

Author:Michelle Kade

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