Besides Hyundai, Mercedes is planning to bring in a mid-size light-duty pickup truck that many believe is meant to rival the 2017 Honda Ridgeline. Daimler hasn’t provided it an official name yet, but it is being referred to as the GLX, GLT, or the X-Class.

Unlike the Ridgeline, the truck is going to be based on an actual pickup – the 2016 International Pickup Truck of the Year specifically.

Sat on the same platform as the Nissan NP300 Navara, the truck is expected to be able to haul and tow more effectively than the Honda pickup, though the latter is no slouch by any means.

The Mercedes pickup has been spied fully clothed in camouflage recently. With its more intimate design cues concealed, folks have been making it out to be a Ridgeline save for its protruding roof rails and side skirts.

Mercedes Pickup Spied (Photo Credit: Autoblog)

Mercedes Pickup Spied (Photo Credit: Autoblog)

Despite its glaring outline similarities, there is a small chance of the German pickup making its way stateside, at least according to Daimler. Coupled by the fact that the Ridgeline is not going to venture outside the US market, odds are these two trucks may not even be competing with each other.

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