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Mercedes EV Production Slowed Down Over Battery Issue


It looks like Mercedes will have to slow things down when it comes to their Mercedes EQC electric car as they are having an issue getting enough battery cells to keep the production going.

According to the reports, Mercedes will have to change the production target from 60,000 to 30,00 as they are getting a limited supply of batteries from LG Chem.

Mercedes was hoping that they would be able to sell 25,000 EQC in 2019 but ended up producing on 7000 units. It is believed that the limited supply was due to carmakers now forced to reduce their CO2 footprint next year or face a huge fine.

Tesla also bought Grohmann Engineering which was hired by Mercedes in the past to build its own battery manufacturing capacity. Daimler have not commented on the issue yet.

Author:Michelle Kade

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