We got to see the new Ultimate Luxury Concept from Mercedes last month and while we do like the fact that Mercedes is looking to release more SUV models, the fans were not happy that they choose to go for a design that is so far away from a typical SUV design.

Since the unveiling of the concept, we have seen more than a few artists coming out with their own version of the Ultimate Luxury Concept to show Mercedes how the SUV should actually look like.

The latest rendering by Dongwon Lee gives us an SUV that was inspired by the Maybach S-Class, Vision 6 and GLE Coupe model. The end result is actually a vehicle that the people would not mind getting from Mercedes.

If Mercedes do still want to come out with an SUV that can actually take on Bentley and Rolls-Royce, they might want to take a page out from this artist’s sketchbook.