We still do not know what Microsoft has planned for their Surface Pro and their smartphone line but based on what the consumers are talking about right now, it looks like people are more interested in knowing what is going on with the Microsoft Surface Phone instead of the Surface Pro 5.

It should have been the other way around since the Surface Pro 5 is a continuation of their popular Surface tablet line and with what the Pro 4 had to offer, you would think that people would be more interested to know what the next tablet will offer.

However, it was the rumored Surface Phone that got all the attention. Up until now, Microsoft has never indicated or hinted that they are working on a smartphone with the Surface name. Fans were hoping that they would and it made sense that Microsoft would want to do so but so far, we have not seen anything that might indicate that it is going to happen.

As for the Surface Pro 5, we were hoping that Microsoft would announce it this year but it is starting to look like they might be keeping it out of the market this year.

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