The Surface Pro is a real product while the Surface Phone is only a rumoured device but it looks like the consumers are more interested in knowing more about the Surface Phone than the Surface Pro at the end of the day.

Although Microsoft has never really talked about the Surface Phone, everybody seems to believe that that is what they are working on after the Lumia devices.

Some people were hoping that Microsoft would finally make the announcement last year when they held that event but no Surface Phone was mentioned.

Right now, some reports are saying that we might see the Microsoft Surface Phone in 2018 but with so little information to go on, it is hard to say if that is going to happen or not. Do you think a smartphone with the Surface name is enough to bring Microsoft back into the smartphone race?

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John Valentine · August 12, 2017 at 12:17 pm

New rumours point to a metal body. If they bring out a new Windows Phone without wireless charging they have lost me. My household has four Windows phones, six wireless charging pads, and there are two more charging pads at my office. Dumping wireless charging would be a HUGE step backwards into the dark ages, and force me to go to Android phones

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