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Microsoft Surface Pro X & Laptop 3 Update Possible But…


Microsoft pulled the covers off their new range of Surface devices last week and we got to see what these new Surface will have to offer in terms of specs and design but we might have missed out on the fact that some of the devices can actually be updated later on.

The Surface devices are known for not being the easiest to upgrade but Microsoft is working on that as they are announced that the Microsoft Surface Pro X and Laptop 3 can now be updated but don’t get too excited because it is only the SSDs that has been placed to their it is easier to access and upgrade.

You also need to take note that while it is easier to get to the SSDs now, the SSD which is smaller than most M.2. SSDs are pretty hard to find so it was probably made for the convenience of their technician.

The RAM will not be upgradable this time but maybe Microsoft would slowly work towards that in the future?

Author:Michelle Kade

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