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Minecraft Dungeons Pushed Back Over Covid-19 Concern


Fans of Minecraft have been waiting for the release of the Minecraft Dungeons but they will be dissapointed to learn that the game will not be arriving around the expected time.

It was announced on Twitter that the game might not be arriving in April anymore due to concern over the coronavirus. They explained that the team is working from home and that their workflow has been affected by that and at this point, it will be hard for them to deliver the game in April.

They did not offer a new date just yet but let’s hope the delay would not be too far off. Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off from the popular Minecraft game but this will be a co-op dungeon crawler game similar to Diablo but with the aesthetic of Minecraft.

The game has already been in open beta late last year with the gameplay footage already being released a few months after that.

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