Monster Hunter XX may be 2 years of age today but it is still one of the most actively played games in the world. Over in Japan, Monster Hunter XX is hogging on the number one spot in the gaming chart.

This simply shows how good Monster Hunter XX is despite the game being made only for the Nintendo 3DS. The good news here is that Nintendo has promised to port Monster Hunter XX to the newly released Switch and this got us believing that the game will truly unlock the Switch’s true sales potential.

The Switch is already selling at a faster rate than the Sony PS4 and Xbox One hence seeing it receiving Monster Hunter XX will undoubtedly push sales figures to unimaginable heights. The only problem right now is that nobody has got a clue on when Monster Hunter XX will arrive on the console.

If the rumors are to be referred to, Monster Hunter XX is being delayed for the Switch due to having a complete change in technicalities. The game’s release date has been pushed to next year thus delaying the Switch from making a massive leap forward.

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