Lenovo mentioned that the new generation of Motorola phones would all arrive with fingerprint scanners, which lends credence to the leaked images of what is purportedly the fourth-gen Moto G.

When renowned tech leaker Evan Blass posted up a render of the upcoming device based on the blurry pictures, the new design if the handset is all but confirmed.

The render showcases a decent-looking Moto G, but what fans of the phone – which has over the years established an image of bang-for-buck reliability – are more interested in are its specs.

Lenovo Moto G (2016) render

Lenovo Moto G render

And the $200 to $250 fourth-gen model cannot use its 2015 model as the benchmark to upgrade its hardware figures, because premium mid-range devices such as the OnePlus X and Honor 5X now carry much lower prices that fall in the $200 to 300 range.

The OnePlus X has already undergone some price cuts before this, and as the days wear on, it would only go down further.

Official specs for the 2016 Moto G have not been released, but according to Qualcomm mid-range devices this year would all be equipped with the Snapdragon 430. The OnePlus X and Honor 5X use Snapdragon 801 and 616 processors respectively.

The Moto G would also need to raise its game in terms of display. The OnePlus and Honor phones each emit more than 400ppi, so a 720p resolution on a 5.0-inch display worth 294ppi isn’t going to cut it anymore.

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