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New Doom Eternal DLCs Pokes Fun At Hipsters


The next event for Doom Eternal called Series 2 has already started and it will allow players to dress the demon up to look like a hipster demon. The update will come with a free DLC.

Coffee & Camo of Season 2 will come with a long list of cosmetic items that players can earn. One of the items available in the new Hipster Archville Master Collection that shows a demon in Converse shoes, skinny jeans, and is sipping a huge mug of coffee. It also has a hipster hairstyle to go with the outfit.

The update will also bring in some new weapon skins, nameplates, icons and more. There is also a new Toad King Pain Elemetal skin and Camo Slayer skin. These can all be unlocked with XP and can be earned through gameplay.

The Coffee & Camo event has already started and will go on until the 14th of May on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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