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New GTA Game Already In Development?


The last GTA game was released years ago and it feels like it could be about time we get a new GTA game from Rockstar. So are they working on one?

While Rockstar has not made any announcement about a new GTA game, IGN recently reported that the studio is already in the early development stages of the next GTA game most likely called Grand Theft Auto VI.

The report also added that the developer is looking to release a moderate size game first and then offer more updates over time to help avoid stressing out their developer. That was something that they had to deal with Red Dead Redemption 2 which employees clocking in 100 hours of work per week to meet the deadline.

This means we could be getting the game in parts. Of course, while most people would not mind that as long as the updates are not too far apart, most of these are just speculations right now so we will just have to wait and see.

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Author:Michelle Kade

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