Tesla announced some time last month that it will soon incorporate a more advanced “Hardware 2” electronic driver-assist feature in its latest cars, which includes the Tesla Model S and the Model X.

Hardware 2 is a brand new sensors package for the Autopilot driver-assist system which would be making its way into the new Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars. This new hardware will be replacing Tesla’s “Hardware 1” built into all Tesla electric cars since the end of 2015.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, revealed that the new setup would be setting the foundation for the company’s first fully-autonomous cars. However, Musk also said that, inevitably, the Hardware 2 vehicles will not be as capable as the Hardware 1 vehicles.

He clarified that they won’t instantly be able to carry out automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control or active lane control as it would only be activated later on via over-the-air updates expected to arrive every two to three months.

This may be a step back for the automaker in terms of its Autopilot capabilities, but it is more of a vital step toward achieving Tesla’s goal of producing fully-autonomous cars.

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