After enjoying back-to-back success with Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect Andromeda, the developers at Bioware has proceed to work on the next Dragon Age game.

Tentatively-known as Dragon Age 4, the next sequel will put the focus on Solas as the Elf character from Inquisition has teased on a war with the world to save his kind.

Like every Dragon Age game, Dragon Age 4 will offer you complete freedom in decision making and every resolutions made will influence the game’s ending. With Solas being a supporting character in Inquisition, Dragon Age 4 is likely to challenge your emotions by making you decide between three outcomes.

You can choose to kill Solas and end the war, side with Solas and save the Elven race or you can try to save Solas as well as the entire world from the Elven invasion. The latter can also open the doors for Bioware to introduce a new villain like Dark Elves.

But of course, this is just our wish and hopes for Dragon Age 4. What sort of plot would you love to see in the future sequel.

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