The all-new Dodge Challenger Demon is hands down the fastest quarter-mile car around and this is thanks to the 840hp V8 engine which it runs on. Together with a lightweight shell, the Challenger Demon can sprint to 60mph in about 2.3 seconds thus making it a beast on the straight line.

The only thing left for the Challenger Demon is for it to prove its worth on the curvy roads. Despite operating on RWD, the amount of power on the Demon may make it difficult for extreme handling on the bends and this is probably where the next-gen Mustang GT500 would want to face the car.

The future Ford Mustang GT500 is projected to arrive next year and it is confirmed to run on a high-powered V8 mill. Rumors are indicating that the V8 will be tuned to match the performance of the Demon but we feel that the outcome will be completely different.

Ford is likely to tune the V8 for less than 800hp as they would want to focus more on enhancing the Mustang GT500 handling around the track. That way, the GT500 can be the fastest pony car around the track instead of the straight line.

The full details on the next-gen Mustang Shelby GT500 is expected to surface at the next LA Auto Show. Until then, we can only wonder if the upcoming car will have what it takes to outdo the Dodge Demon.

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