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Next-Gen Cadillac Escalade Baring Its Teeth


With their rival Lincoln now showing up with the Navigator, Cadillac will have to give it their all when it comes to their next-gen Cadillac Escalade. Although they will not be showing it off yet, the vehicle was spotted getting tested out in the open.

The last spy shots showed the vehicle baring its teeth for all to see. We got to see the grille design which reminded us of the XT6 but bigger. The prototype was also fitted with the same rectangular exhaust outlets and independent rear suspension that the last few prototypes were fitted with.

The rest of the test model was covered up pretty well so we don’t really know that Cadillac will be offering. From the looks of it, the Escalade will be getting some major design upgrades but we will have to wait for the official unveiling to know for sure.

The Cadillac Escalade will be coming in to take on other full-size SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator when it finally arrives.

Author:Michelle Kade

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