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Next-Gen Ford Mustang Will Arrive As 2023 Model


Ford might not be willing to take about the next-gen Ford Mustang right now but it was revealed that the vehicle will be coming in as a 2023 model thanks to the new job listing on LinkedIn.

Somebody spotted a new job posting for a “Wind/Rose Noise and Air Leakage PLant Vehicle Team Engineer” and in the description of that posting, it says that the person will be working with the team to deliver on the current Mustang and also sign off on the Ford 2023 S650.

It also states that the vehicle will come in 2022 as a 2023 model so we now have a release window for the next-gen Ford Mustang. Of course, with so much time in between, things could change but at least that is what Ford has planned for now.

The previous report suggest that the next-gen will only be arriving in 2026 so the wait is much shorter now.

Author:Michelle Kade

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