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Next-Gen Mazda 6 Gets Exciting With RWD & 350HP Engine


It looks like the Mazda 6 will finally be getting its rear-wheel-drive architecture after all.

After all the speculations, Car and Driver have reported that the next-gen Mazda 6 which is expected to arrive in 2022 will be coming in with a new rear-wheel-drive “Large Architecture” and will be fitted with a longitudinally-mounted straight-six engine.

The engine here is the Skyactiv-X six-cylinder engine that will be paired with a 48-volt hybrid system that would allow the vehicle to deliver about 350hp. Diesel fans could be offered a straight sux Skyactive-D engine. There were also talks about a PHEV being offered as well.

For now, Mazda has not made any official announcement yet but hopefully, we will see more of it soon. As for when the SkyActiv-D engine will be heading to the US, well, we can only hope the wait will be over soon.

Author:Michelle Kade

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