Toyota is preparing to invest $600 million into its Princeton, Ind., plant in a bid to increase production capacity for the Highlander midsize crossover as well as to cover costs of retooling and modernizing the plant for the next-gen model.

According to Automotive News, this will only begin after the fall of 2019. The only reason why this has been announced early is to show that the company is committed to US production following President Trump’s threats of imposing tariffs on imported vehicles, especially coming from Mexico.

Previously, Trump had fired at Toyota for its investments in Mexico in a series of Tweets just weeks prior to his inauguration.

This investment will open up 400 jobs at the said plant and will propel its yearly capacity for Highlanders by 40,000 units, revealed Toyota. Aside from the Highlander, the Sienna minivan and the Sequoia large SUV are also produced at the plant.

The automaker disclosed that the Princeton plant churned out more than 400,000 units last year, making it the best in its 20 years in the industry.

In 2016, Toyota successfully sold 191,379 Highlanders in the US, marking a 20 percent increase from 2015. The entire lot of Highlanders were produced in the US.

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