While the current Toyota Tundra still has a lot of offer now, it has been around for some time and with rivals like Chevrolet preparing to show off new versions of their full-size truck later this month, Toyota will have to step up their game.

According to the General Manager of Toyota North America, releasing a new next-gen Toyota Tundra is one of their main priority right now. He added that they are already looking at what the next model will look like.

No word on when the new truck will be ready but at least we know that Toyota is not going to sit around and let Chevrolet step all over them. Besides revealing their plans for the Toyota Tundra, Toyota is also working on giving the Toyota Tacoma a few upgrades but he did not elaborate on what kind of upgrade the Tacoma will be getting. What he did confirm is that the upgraded model will not be arriving this year.

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