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Next Half-Life Game Won’t Take So Long


Fans of the Half-Life franchise have been waiting for 13 years before they got a new Half-Life game but hopefully, we won’t have to wait for that long to get another Half-Life game.

Long-time Valve programmer Robin Walker talked about the pressure of creating a new Half-Life game after all the expectations but Half-Life: Alyx was a nice start as they get to work on something but also not having to deal with completely the Half-Life story that so many have been anticipating.

He added that this would also make it clear what the next game would be but also made clear that no decision have been made yet. He does think that the next game would be arriving earlier if one will ever be made.

For now, we still won’t know if there is ever going to be a Half-Life 3 but Alyx was a huge success and that could give Valve enough confidence to continue working on more games.

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