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Next Mazda RX-9 Won’t Come With Rotary


For years, there have been talks about Mazda working on a new rotary engine that they will be using to power the Mazda RX-9 model but it looks like fans might have to put this rumor to rest now.

According to Jalopnik, the upcoming Mazda RX-9 will be fitted with a turbocharged inline-six Skyactive-X engine that will have an output of 350hp to 450hp. The vehicle will be coming in with a rear-wheel-drive system and will be competing with models like the Toyota Supra.

Mazda did reveal that they are working on a new inline-six engine and it looks like they figured that it would be better to give the engine to the RX-9 as well since it will be more efficient than the rotary engine that they come out with.

There is no indication that this new Mazda RX-9 will be arriving anytime soon. It is also believed that without the rotary engine, the sports car might also drop the RX in its name.

Author:Michelle Kade

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