The plot in Witcher Series may have concluded in The Witcher 3 but it does not mean that there isn’t going to be a new Witcher game in the future. CDPR has denied the rumors claiming that The Witcher 4 is in the plans but today, we saw the game developer having a change of heart.

CDPR spoke in an interview revealing that The Witcher Series is so huge that it doesn’t feel right to stop at The Witcher 3. The game developer added that they have poured in a lot of work in turning The Witcher into a huge RPG brand hence it is unfair to finish everything in a trilogy.

While this may indicate on CDPR’s interest to have The Witcher 4, the game developer warned against rushing into developing a sequel as they don’t want the plot to have any relations with the original Witcher Trilogy.

These words sound familiar to us because we can easily recall Bioware creating a similar statement when developing Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware wants a completely new plot to protect the story in the Mass Effect Trilogy and CDPR is adopting the same strategy with The Witcher Series.

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