The Android 7.1.1 has finally arrived to Nexus 6 devices but it looks like not many are pleased with it. It seems that the update has brought along a speakerphone echo bug.

Glance through the Google forums or the AOSP Issue Tracker and you’ll see for yourself that many users have been complaining of the same problem.

While on a speakerphone call, the receiver will hear an echo, squealing or even some other odd noises that disrupts the conversation.

This issue could most likely be due to the mic. The sound coming from the speakerphone is probably feeding into it and so the receiver also hears them. The only way to fix this is by muting the mic, but that isn’t really helpful.

Some folks have resorted to reverting to the 7.0 build which has eradicated the issue while others tried to downgrade the phone app, which did not help the situation.

Thankfully, Google has taken notice of this problem and has given it over to the development team for a fix. Let’s hope it won’t take forever.

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