There aren’t any official numbers to prove that the Google Nexus 6P is a massive success following the uninspiring Nexus 6. It’s probably why the Huawei managed to supplant Xiaomi as the third biggest phone maker globally.

The decision from Google to take HTC over Huawei for the next Nexus flagship – at least that is what’s being reported right now – would be seen as a big mistake.

For now it is seen as a big risk; we don’t know what HTC will offer with the HTC 10 yet. If that flagship proves to be a flunk, what’s to prevent the Nexus 6P successor from following suit and crashing out?

HTC managed to earn worldwide recognition with the HTC One M8, but the device only proved commercially successful for a short period before sales began to decline. The phone maker has not recovered from a downhill drop until today, and even the HTC Vive hasn’t manage to pull the company out of the bog despite overwhelming initial sales.

Will the Nexus 6P be the last great phone for the next three years from the Google Nexus series if the HTC takeover is officially confirmed?

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Stuart Sloane · March 14, 2016 at 10:45 am

Why throw water on a perfectly decent story. HTC are known for their quality products and attention to detail. Now they have a chance to build quality products with both Google minds and theirs, so why do you start this awful speculation that its going to be all doom and gloom? Give the company a break and stop being so down on them!

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