The Nexus 6P did not receive official Daydream VR support despite being a successful Google device. However, Nexus 6P users can’t complain as this device’s hardware isn’t made to handle VR usage which could cause it to overheat. It is really not Google’s fault at this point.

But let’s say it did come with hardware strong enough to support VR features, it still won’t give users a right to complain as they were clearly aware of that bit of detail when purchasing the device.

Many would be leaning toward blaming Google for leaving the Nexus lineup with minimal support, especially since newer Pixel devices have arrived but that isn’t the exact case.

Take for example, if you are a Nexus 6P user, you could opt to enhance your camera features from Pixel by merely installing the Camera NX mod that would also help in alleviating the device’s camera software lag problems.

Besides that, Android 7.0 Nougat will soon be arriving for the 6P and it won’t be taking too long, as well. It is reported that Nexus 6P users will be able to see the latest update late this month.

On top of that, when considering devices that have received Daydream VR support, they are mostly new device such as the Moto Z and the ZTE Axon 7. So, it makes more sense why the Nexus 6P won’t be seeing it.

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