It’s starting to become obvious that Google is making a huge mistake by not harnessing the Nexus 6P’s full potential. So, what is this “potential” we speak of?

Based on how it is currently being projected in Google’s portfolio of device, Google’s Project Fi service, this device has a good potential as a quasi-mid-range device.

The Nexus 6P, priced at $400, sits right in between the $200 Nexus 5X and the new $650 Pixel. This device has a true potential of generating great waves, internationally, and this is crucial for Google if it really wants to be on par to Apple and Samsung, in terms of selling smartphones.

Google can’t solely depend on the Pixel duo for the international market as the pricing of these devices may be too exorbitant for people from other parts of the world. Would you fork out $4,000 for a new device? Well, this is the kind of money (in their local currency) that people in Asia have to fork out for the Pixel.

Too expensive for other markets

So, Google’s best bet is the Nexus 6P and it’ll be wise for the tech giant to reduce the price further. If the Nexus 6P is affordable in other markets, Google will definitely be able to gain a wider international reach.

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