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Nintendo Switch Update With Bug Fixes Arrives


A new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch console was released this week but don’t expect to see much from the update as this time, it will focus on bug fixes and stability improvements.

With Update 10.0.2 will bring some general stability improvements and also one fix. The update will fix the issue where when setting up a new Pro controller would cause an “incorrect joystick control” error.

The rest of the update will focus on improving the user experience. This is after the update 10.0.1 which was equally boring. While the firmware update will not have much to offer, other games on the Switch will also be getting an update this week mainly Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario Maker 2.

You can head to the blog to check out the full patch notes for these updates and see what else they will change and update when the update does arrive.

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