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Nissan Altimas Recalled For The Same Problem


It seems like Nissan just can’t get their fix right as they once again recall the Nissan Altimas over a previously recalled issue.

The hood latch has been an issue for the longest time with the first recall being back in 2014. At that time, the automaker fix the lever and lubricated the secondary latches. The same was done with the 2015 recall and in 2016, the latches were replaced altogether but that did not fix the issue as Nissan issues another recall for the same problem.

The recall came after it was reported that the hood can open without warning. The latest recall will affect those previously recalled but on top of that, the 2016 to 2018 model will also be affected.

The issue here was with the coating of the hood latch which could come off exposing the metal leading to rust. Nissan did not mention what the new fix will be.

Author:Michelle Kade

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