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Nissan Could Be Killing Off Datsun?


As part of Nissan’s recovery plan, it was reported that Nissan is looking at axing some of the products and closing down assembly lines that are underutilized across the world and one brand that could be killed off could be Datsun.

According to Reuters, Nissan wants to make some drastic changes as part of its recovery plan after Carlos Ghosn. When Nissan launches Datsun in 2014, they were hoping that the brand would find its footing in markets like Russia, India, Indonesia, and South Africa but things did not turn out the way they planned it.

It was added that Nissan now wants to clean up what has happened in the past but we will have to see if that means the axing of Datsun. For now, Nissan’s biggest market is still the US but they might be looking to put a stop to selling their vehicle to fleet operators at a heavily discounted price.

Author:Michelle Kade

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