Fans of the first gen Nissan Leaf have been waiting for Nissan to bring in the new Nissan Leaf for years now so we were already expecting the vehicle to do great when it arrives in the US but even before that happens, the Nissan Leaf sales number are already looking great.

According to the latest report, Nissan has already received up to 9000 orders for their Nissan Leaf. This is just after arriving for two months. The report also added that out of the 9000 orders, 3500 of those came from Europe.

The new Nissan Leaf was released in Norway in September and is now available in Countries like Germany, Austria, France, Holland. However, things are slowing down in Japan after Nissan announce that they will be suspending their domestic production due to production issues.

The new Nissan Leaf will be coming in with a larger 40kWh battery pack that will be offering about 150 miles of range. The vehicle should be heading to the US in 2018 with a $30,875 price tag.

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