While there were always talks about the possibility of a Nissan Leaf Nismo bring release, most people did not really take it too seriously as many felt like it might not actually happen but it looks like Nissan is taking it more seriously than we initially thought.

At the Nissan Future event in Oslo, Nissan showed off an image of the Nissan Leaf Nismo Concept. Nissan feels that offering Nismo option would make the Leaf more appealing to the younger generation.

They added that the concept is the preview of the final design for the Nissan Leaf Nismo and that the vehicle will be making its offering debut later this month at the 25th of October. Unlike the standard Leaf, the Nismo model will be offering about 147hp and 236lb ft of torque. It will also get a larger 40kWh battery that will allow users to get a range of 150miles from the vehicle.

More details will be released at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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