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Nissan lMk Concept Won’t Wait For Tokyo


Nissan will be heading to the Tokyo Auto Show happening this month to show off their new concept but before we officially see it at the event, Nissan will be dropping some new images showing us what the new Nissan will look like.

The image showed the Nissan lMk concept fitted with a slim set of LED headlights and the V-Motion grille which matches what Nissan has been offering so far. It was also added that some features on the concept like the bumper, wheels, tires, taillights, and windows will have a mizuhiki pattern which is a thin twine made from Japanese rice paper.

They are also keeping things clean on the inside with a button-free dash. One tech that was offered in the concept is where the car will recognize the smartphone of the driver and adjust the vehicle according to their preference.

Other details like the range, acceleration times and more will only be announced at the Tokyo Auto Show which will be happening on the 25th of October.

Author:Michelle Kade

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