There’s still no official word on the 2017 Nissan Leaf, despite being the most hyped EV next to the Tesla Model 3. We have an idea on the technology that would be featured on the electric hatch, but no confirmation whatsoever from Nissan.

Right now, the most talked about feature from the automaker is the ProPilot semi-autonomous driving system, which would be launched first in Japan.

And the first production vehicle to make use of the system is the Nissan Serena minivan. After that, ProPilot is headed to the US market.

However, Nissan did not mention when it would arrive or which vehicle would debut the automated feature stateside. Isn’t it supposed to be the second-gen Nissan Leaf? It appears that the car maker is being especially taciturn about the subject of its top-selling EV.

Nissan ProPilot tested in Leaf prototype

Nissan ProPilot tested in Leaf prototype

Either that or ProPilot is going to be introduced via another vehicle. Perhaps it would be the Nissan Rogue, or Nissan Altima? But because the automaker is not offering any details, the semi-automated driving system is most likely heading to the Leaf.

ProPilot differentiates itself from Tesla’s Autopilot by being ideal for dense traffic conditions. For 2017, it is going to be limited to single-lane features, but by 2020 the system would be able to circumnavigate the congested urban streets on its own.

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