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Nissan Rogue Refuses To Cross Bridges & Railroad?


Most newer models will now come fitted with some of the latest tech and features and one of the more common features that will be offered as standard now includes the automatic emergency braking which would help warn and stop the vehicle in case the vehicle comes close to hitting something in front.

While that sounds handy, some owners of the Nissan Rogue are finding the feature to be more troublesome than helpful as it was reported that the vehicle would stop for no reason at all.

The issue was later investigated by NHTSA and it was reported that there are a few things that would cause the system to trigger the bakes and that includes bridges, railroad tracks, and parking garage as the system would think the vehicle is about to crash when it detects those.

In response, Nissan is already working to update their automatic emergency braking system but they will not be issuing any formal recall to the owners for them to come in and get their vehicle fix but custoemrs will be invited to bring their vehicle in for the update for free.

Author:Michelle Kade

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