I’ll admit it. The last No Man’s Sky piece I wrote is nothing more than a burst of emotion that is filled with hate towards the game. I ended up getting roasted for it and it led me to try No Man’s Sky once again.

I would say that Patch 1.3 has tremendously improved on the gameplay experience and this is thanks to some new additions into the game. I personally like the new campaign that adds more purpose in No Man’s Sky and also the new ways of combat. The portals too help ease the dullness in the vast universe and the icing on the cake is with the ability to create in No Man’s Sky.

But despite all of these improvements, I still don’t see No Man’s Sky as an exciting title to play. For a game that emphasize on exploration, it felt like I’m being told what to do on numerous occasions instead of allowing me to do things like how I want it to be done

I know GTA 5 is a completely different game but the way it gives you freedom in action gives the overall experience a lift. On the other hand, it could just be No Man’s Sky not being my cup of tea.

All I can say is that No Man’s Sky is now playable but it is far from being exceptional. Again, this is based on my opinion and preference. Perhaps things would have been better if Hello Games is to launch No Man’s Sky a couple of days ago instead of a year ago.

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