Hello Games is one of the most hated developers around and this is because of No Man’s Sky. The massive open world sci-fi title was launched last year and it never lived up to the fans expectations.

However, due to the strong hype surrounding No Man’s Sky prior to its release, many jumped straight into buying the game in hopes of getting a good experience out of it. This happened to be a mistake on the consumers’ end and they are not happy for it.

Well, it has been a year since No Man’s Sky made its debut and the state of the game may be different today. Hello Games have sent out many updates to No Man’s Sky in the game’s first year and we went to check it out yesterday.

Unfortunately, the gameplay is still unfixed and the bitter experience persists. A year is a long time and to see no improvements made to No Man’s Sky’s gameplay is just disappointing.

With Hello Games already announcing big improvements coming in the next DLC, we can’t help but to not hope for anything since No Man’s Sky is no different to how it was a year ago.

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