No Man’s Sky was one of the most hyped game last year but things went crashing down when fans realize that the game was far from what they imagine it to be.

Since then, Hello Games have been releasing fixes after fixes to get the game closer to where it was supposed to be and while they have made some progress, it is still far from the game that was promised.

When Hello Games announce that they will be bringing in a new DLC this month, some fans were hoping that this DLC was going to be another one that will push the game closer to the announce game but based on the title, chances of this being that DLC is very slim.

We are guessing that this is going to be a new content but at this point, the only way Hello Games can please the fans is to work on the original game and not bring in unnecessary new content.

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MikeDC · August 11, 2017 at 5:10 am

Who cares what a bunch of meth head hillbillies from Alabama thinks? NMS is awesome.

Now go back to playing Call of Duty on your XcrapBox, and having online arguments with 9 year olds. LMAO!!!!!!!

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