¸It seems like the one way you can separate yourself from the sea of competitors right now is to go down the wireless route. Apple has been doing away with their headphones and charging but it is clear that OnePlus is not ready to go there yet.

While we are still waiting for OnePlus to officially announce their new OnePlus 5T, new reports are saying that the device will not come with some of the wireless features that we will find in the other premium smartphones.

The OnePlus 5T will still come with a headphone jack and it was added that fans can also forget about the OnePlus 5T coming in with wireless charging as well. According to OnePlus, there is no reason for them to offer Wireless charging since their Dash Charge can charge faster than that.

They also added that charging with a wire made more sense especially for those that want to use the device to play games or watch videos. What do you think?

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