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OnePlus Concept One Takes McLaren’s Advice


We will be seeing OnePlus at CES this year where they will be showing off their new concept phone with an electrochromic glass similar to the McLaren 720S and Mercedes SL.

Glasslike this has been used by automakers to block out light from their cabin but for the smartphone manufacturer, the glass is the perfect tool for them to cover the camera making it look invisible.

According to the OnePlus, the glass will clock the rear camera lenses and only reveal them when the camera is in use. This is done by covering the lens with organic particles that can change from being transparent to translucent depending on the voltage. That means when the camera is not in use, the back will look clean and sleek.

Of course, some people are already questioning if a tech like this would drain too much of the smartphone’s battery but we will have to wait and see.

Author:Michelle Kade

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