With most smartphones now aiming to have as little bezel as they can, the downside to it all is that they would have to adopt the display notch seen first on the iPhone X so that they can have a place for the front sensor and camera.

Leaked image of the Oppo Find X clearly showed that the device will not be coming with a display notch and with no camera in sight, some people were left wondering if the Oppo Find X was going to come with a front camera or not.

Well, Oppo has the answer for us. Instead of forcing the ugly display notch onto the front display, Oppo has decided to hide the camera altogether. The camera will be hidden behind the display and can be popped up when needed. The front camera is a 25mp camera with 3D facial recognition while in the back, we will get a 20mp and 16mp dual camera.

Thanks to that, the Find X will come in with a screen-to-body ratio of 92.25%. One thing we noticed was that there is no fingerprint scanner.

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