Overwatch was an instant success for Blizzard with the game recently crossover the 40million player mark.

One of the main reason why the game managed to stay popular is because of the constant update, new features, as well as Blizzard’s eagerness to listen to what their fans have to say.

With such a successful game, it is natural that people would think that Blizzard would work on a second game to make sure they keep the ball rolling but according to Aaron Keller, they focus right now is still to keep the community engaged with what they have now.

Matthew Hawley followed that up by adding that running a live service like this takes a lot of work and after all that they have done with Overwatch, supporting it is their main focus now and that they will continue to work on improving the game.

That means Overwatch will probably stick around for a few more years which is not really a bad thing at all.

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