Overwatch will be celebrating their second anniversary soon and as usual, we can expect to see some new upgrades from Blizzard.

According to Blizzard, we will be getting some new cosmetic items this year from the anniversary loot boxes. We have already seen the new skin for Soldier 76. This time, it will be a more villainous skin. The next hero to get a new skin this year will be Tracer.

The hero will be getting a Lightning Tracer skin with a new tracksuit as well as a new hairstyle. Fans can also expect to see 50 more new cosmetic items including three Epics and eight Legendary skins. Blizzard will also bring back all the seasonal cosmetics over the years so if you have missed any of those, now is your time to get one.

If you log in between the 22nd od May and 11th of June, you will be getting a free loot box as well along with the 50-box bundle. There will also be special in-game events and more during the anniversary this year so stay tune.

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