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Overwatch Games To Get New Maps


There was a few exciting news that Blizzard had to announce at BlizzCon this year including some major news on the Overwatch franchise. Not only did they reveal the new OverWatch 2 but they also drop a little more details on what the current Overwatch game will be getting.

The developer announces that there will be four new maps coming to the PvP competitive mode in the game. One of the maps that we can expect to see in Toronto. As the name alone would suggest, the map will be set in Canada which also coincides with the new hero getting added to the game, Sojourn.

The other maps that we will be seeing in the game include Rio de Janeiro, Monte Carlo, and Gothenburg. These new maps will be added to Overwatch and will most likely be offered when the new Overwatch 2 arrived as well.

What other Blizzard news were you most excited to hear about at BlizzCon?

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