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Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Returns


It is another year and that means another Lunar New Year event for Overwatch. As usual, fans can expect to see special mode, new challenges and also new skins to collect. Here is what we know about the Year of the Rat event.

The event will start on the 16th of January and will last until the 6th of February on all platforms. Fans will get to enjoy the new CTF Brawl Blitz mode which is a modified version of Capture the Flag with a little change.

Winning nine games of any model will get players a cosmetic reward every week. The list of reward has already been released and they are starting off with the Monk Doomfist for the first week.

Players can also collect items from loot boxes or in-game currently. Skins like Opera Brigitte, Face-CHanger Sombra and more will be up for grabs so remember to keep playing to collect them all.

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