It does look like Blizzard is getting ready to reveal another hero for the game Overwatch. They have been dropping hints after hints and the latest image is no exception.

The latest teaser image showed what looked like a schematics for something. We do not know what it is but some fans have suggested that it might be a shield. There were speculations that the schematics might have been drawn by Torbjorn’s daughter, Brigitte and that she might be the new character that we have been waiting for.

Of course, Blizzard also decided to insert a little humor into this teaser. If you look behind the main schematics, you will see a jetpack-wearing cat which was one of the hero that Blizzard was considering before they scrap the idea.

We do not know when the new hero would be arriving but if Blizzard did learn their lesson with Sombra, this new hero should be announced real soon.

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