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Overwatch Switch Issues Did Not Take Fun Out


As nice as it is to finally have Overwatch on Switch, there is no denying that the game does not play the best on the Nintendo Switch console and those looking for the full Overwatch experience should consider playing it on PC or the Xbox One and PS4 console but that is not to say that the game is not enjoyable on the Nintendo Switch console.

While it does have all the features and offerings that the main game has, you will notice some of the glitches that the game has. It can also get a bit confusing in a full-on confrontation with the enemy as players notice a drop in framerate when things get too crazy.

Some players reported that the lagging is a little less on handheld mode but then you will have to deal with the much smaller screen but most players did report that they did enjoy the game overall but just do not assume that it will be as good as the other versions.

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