2021 Toyota Venza Is A Harrier In Disguise?


The Venza might sound familiar and that is because it was something that Toyota has been offering back in 2009 but it is now the name of the new 2021 Toyota Venza model.

While the original Venza shared its platform with the Camry, the new Venza will be closer to the Toyota Harrier, a model sold in Japan. These Harriers were also offered here in the US but when they arrived, they were called the RX 300.

The new Venza will be sharing a lot of its features with the Harrier including the TNGA-K platform and the 2.5 liters four-cylinder hybrid engine but unlike the Harrier, the Venza will be offered with an AWD system.

The hybrid model will be able to offer about 219hp while the non-hybrid model will offer about 169hp and 153hp. What do you think of the new Toyota Venza?

2020 Audi A6 Allroad Given Top Safety Rating By IIHS


A lot of new models are finding it hard to get the Top Safety Pick + rating from IIHS with the institute now putting more emphasis on the headlight but the 2020 Audi A6 Allroad certainly had no issue nabbing that rating.

So far, IIHS has also named 23 models for the Top Safety Pick + rating in February. To get this, the vehicle will need to score a Good rating for all six of the IIHS crash test which includes the driver-side small overlap front, passenger-side small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side and roof strength, and head restraints and seats. The Headlights would also need to score a Good or Acceptable rating while the front crash prevention will need to be score Advanced or above.

The Audi A6 had no problem hitting all those important scores and got themselves the coveted Top Safety Pick + rating. The 2020 Audi A6 Allroad base model retail for $66,895.

2021 Toyota Sienna Takes Design Cues From Trains


Toyota had a lot to show this week including its new 2021 Toyota Sienna model and the Venza giving us a clear look at how the hybrid models will look when it arrives.

According to Toyota, the 2021 Toyota Sienna design was inspired by the bullet train, more specifically the front design of the Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train. It was added that the train design looks powerful and speedy and they wanted to replicate that with the Sienna as well.

While the actual Sienna does not look that fast, it does have some resemblance to the train. It is bolder and more muscular which might be something their customer would appreciate.

On the inside, the vehicle was given a more personal design that moved away from the bus like the interior of the previous model. The vehicle also got an updated instrument panel and center console to make it even more appealing. The 2021 Toyota Sienna is expected to arrive later this year.

New Super Lucky’s Tale To Arrive For PS4 & Xbox One


Switch players got the updated version of Super Lucky’s Tale called New Super Lucky’s Tale and now the other consoles will also be getting the new version as well for the first time.

The announcement was made on Twitter along with the explanation that even if you already own the original Super Lucky’s Tale on the Xbox One, you will have to but the new version and can’t just update the game for free as quite a bit have been changed and it is more like a new game now.

The developer explained that the game was build from the ground up and the new version will come with new levels and expanded story, updated controls, and more.

While the game has been announced for both the Xbox One and PS4, no release date was given so we will just have to wait and see.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone Detailed


The new update for both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is now ready. This time, the update will come with some goodies including the new maps and more changes to the game.

The update zie will be at 30.86GB on Xbox One for Modern Warfare. One of the most exciting updates will be the new Gunfight map called Aisle 9 and for the multiplayer, Hardhat. Then there is the new DLC pack called Fearless which will be available for the CoD Endowment charity with proceeds going to help veterans find work.

As for Warzone, the game will be getting a few new features when the update arrive including the Armor Box that resupplies the team’s armor. Most Wanted has also returned.

The update will also be fixed some of the bugs that players have reported including the one where players could access points outside the map. Weapons will also be updated with some getting nerfed while others get buffed. The full patch notes are on their blog so you can check that out.

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Volkswagen ID 3 UK Release Date Announced


With the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of automakers had to readjust their release schedule as plants were asked to close down for weeks but it looks like that will not affect the delivery date for the Volkswagen ID 3 model as Volkswagen reported that the vehicle will still go on sale in the UK in July.

Volkswagen will start delivering their ID 3 this summer starting with the First Edition model which will come with a 58kWh battery pack with a range of 260miles and will offer about 201bhp with a top speed of 99mph.

According to Volkswagen, there will eventually be three battery options and two power outputs in the future. When Volkswagen first opens the order books for the ID 3 Frist Edition model, there were about 35,000 customers worldwide that placed a refundable deposit. Those in Europe will be able to get their vehicle in June while those in the UK will have to wait until July to get their ID 3.

The ID 3 price will start from £27,500 in the UK.

Next-Gen Range Rover Spotted On The Road


Land Rover is working on a fifth-generation Range Rover model right now and the vehicle was spotted getting tested out on the road. Here is what we could pick up.

The vehicle was heavily covered in camo stickers but we do get to see some of the details like the shoulder line, wider wheel arches, and more. We can also see that the next-gen Range Rover will also be getting the classic door handles instead of the one we saw on the Velar.

In the back, the vehicle will be getting the split-tailgate design. What we can also see is the quad tailpipes as well. The updated model will be coming in to replace the current Range Rover which has been around for 8 years now.

The next-gen Range Rover will be riding on the MLA platform which will allow them to have more freedom when it comes to the engine options.

2021 BMW M5 To Come With New Range Topper


The BMW M5 would be getting a facelift soon and from what we have been seeing, the vehicle will be getting a new range-topper this time.

The Clubsport trim option was spotted getting tested on the Nurburgring track with some light camouflaged on. From what we can see, the vehicle will be getting the same headlights from the 5 Series along with the double kidney grille but there have been a little update to the design.

The vehicle will also get fitted with larger front and rear brake discs and a rear spoiler and a diffuser. There were speculation that the vehicle will also be getting the new twin-turbocharged V8 engine that offered 591bhp on the standard vehicle and 616bhp on the M5 Competition. BMW also confirmed that it will be much lighter compared to the M5.

While no price has been announced yet, it is estimated that it should be much higher than the standard M5 model.

Vauxhall Mokka Aims To Look Sharper


More details about the upcoming Vauxhall Mokka have been revealed which will be arriving with an EV powertrain. Here is what we know right now.

According to Vauxhall, the new SUV will be called Mokka and not Mokka X and it will be able to shed about 120kg thanks to the new CMP modular platform from PSA Group which will allow the vehicle to be fitted with a few engine option including a fully electric powertrain which is expected to come with a 50kWh battery pack that will offer about 134bhp and will have about 200miles of range on a single charge.

The EV model will be getting its battery fitted on the platform floor which will include the torsional rigidity by 30%. From what we have been seeing so far, the vehicle design will be based on the GT X Experimental concept that we saw back in 2018 while also getting some design features from models like the all-new Corsa and facelifted Astra.

The Mokka will also be getting some combustion powertrain options when it arrives early in 2021.

Acura RLX: The End Is Near


The North American market will be saying goodbye to the Acura RLX soon as it was reported that Acura is looking to axe the vehicle once the 2020 model year is over.

While the vehicle will no longer be offered in the US, the RLX will continue to be offered in other markets under the Legend name. One of the reasons why the RXL was axed was probably because it did not actually perform that well compared to the other Acura models in the US.

While the RDX and MDX have been doing pretty well, Acura only named to sell 1019 units of the RLX for the full year last year. In 2018, the vehicle which received its refresh that year only sold 1931units. Despite the styling upgrade, it looks like people were just not interested in the sedan.

With numbers like that, it made sense that Acura would not want to continue with it much further and choose to axe it.

PlayStation 5 Will Not Be Affected By Pandemic


With everything that is going on right now, we are seeing a lot of plans getting pushed back but it looks like the Sony PlayStation 5 will still be on schedule according to Sony.

It was explained that the hardware and software plans for the PlayStation 5 will not be affected by the pandemic. It was added that although there was an impact to the production of PS4 hardware they are confident that their PS5 will still be able to launch in the Holiday of 2020.

Of course, this is based on what is happening at this moment and depending on how things go from here, Sony might need to adjust their plans in the future.

Sony’s latest report that they sold about 110million PS4 consoles while Digital sales continue to rise year after year.

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Halo 2 Anniversary Finally Available For PC Owners


Halo 2 will finally be available on PC right now. While the game was available when it was launch in 2007, at that time, the game was only available for those with Vista but it is now available to all PC players on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

The Halo 2: Anniversary Edition will arrive as part of The Master Chief Collection which continues to bring Halo games to PC. Halo 2 will be the third game from the series to arrive on PC and more is set to come in the near future.

Although it is nice for Halo 2 to be available on OC, the game is far from perfect as it is still riddled with bugs but the update will resolve some of the major issues that players have been facing.

Halo fans can also look forward to Halo Infinite which will be arriving later this year on box One and PC as well as the upcoming Xbox Series X console.

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2020 Jeep Compass New Limited Edition Package Announced


Jeep will be getting a limited edition package right now and here is what we know about the 2020 Compass Latitude Sun & Safety Package.

The new package will come with a dual-pane panoramic sunroof along with the Safety and Security Group and Advanced Safety Group packages. The package will also come with a set of 17inch polished aluminum wheels.

Based on the cost of getting all these features like now, the Limited Edition package will be getting about $3180 worth of additional goodies but Jeep will be selling it for $28,825 which means it is only $1695 more than the standard Compass Latitude. Those looking for the two-tone scheme in the picture, there will be an $245 additional charge to it.

This option will be available from now until the end of the year so you have a few months to think about whether you should be getting it or not.

2021 Ford F-150: Late To The Party Again?


Ford has already delayed the launch of the 2021 Ford F-150 in the past and now it might happen again or a new order book date was announced.

According to the F-150 Gen 14 forum, the order book for the upcoming 2021 Ford F-150 will be on the 15th of July which is about one month later than the last delayed opening.

It was added that the production will also be starting later than expected as they will only be starting off their production in October at the Dearborn Truck Plant and the November at their Kansas City Assembly Plant. So far, Ford have not commented on the issue yet but with Ford having to shut down their plan in March, it would not surprise us if the production does get pushed back later on.

It was reported that Ford was also planning to show off the hybrid version of the F-150 at the Detroit Auto Show this year before it was canceled. No word on when we will be seeing it now.

2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI: What Are We Getting


The Volkswagen Golf GTI will be heading to the US soon and here is what those living in the US will be getting when the vehicle finally arrives.

In terms of design, the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI model will be coming with the standard GTI features including the red emblems and honeycomb-shaped trim pieces and a set of 18inch wheels. A 19inch alloy wheels will also be offered as an option along with the illuminated grille.

Features that will also be coming as standard includes blind-spot detection, lane-keeping assist, and autonomous emergency braking. On the inside, there will also be new the new -look plaid cloth upholstery. For those looking for something extra, features like the heated and ventilated seats will be offered as an option with additional cost.

Powering the Golf GTI will be the 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that will be offering about 242hp and 273lb ft of torque. The new Golf GTI will be arriving next year as a 2020 model.

GM Future Trucks & SUV To Get New Supercharged V8 Engine


It looks like GM might be working on a new engine for their future trucks and SUV models.

According to The Fast Lane Truck, GM could be working on a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine. It was added that the engine could be used to power a high-performance version of the Chevrolet Tahoe possible a Tahoe SS or maybe the Chevrolet Silverado ZRX which the rumors have been talking about.

At this point, there is not a whole lot of details right now so it is hard to determine what is real and what is not but to imagine that there would be a Tahoe SS that will be offering about 420hp from the new engine sounds pretty amazing.

For now, it is best we all take this in with a pinch o salt until we see or hear something from GM to confirm the rumors.

2021 Hyundai 45 Showing A Little More


Hyundai has been testing out its first bespoke electric car, the 45 on the tracks and we can be sure that there will be spy photographers there to capture its every move.

The concept was shown off at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year and from what we have been seeing so far, the vehicle will be bringing over a lot of the concept design features to the production model including the low bonnet line, slim overhangs, heavily sloping rear window and more.

The concept has suggested that the interior would come with a more minimalist design with generous space on the inside with furniture like architecture. The skateboard-style floor will also allow the vehicle to fully maximize its space.

The Hyundai 45 will be coming in to compete with models like the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Warframe Nightwave 3 Will Be The One For True Crime Fans


Warframe will be getting an update that will bring more cosmetic features as well as a new mystery.

Glassmaker is the third installment in the Nghtwave series and will bring some extra story content to the game. In the previous Nightwave stories, we got to learn about a famous felon and the suspicious cult leaders and the latest update will bring a new noir styled serial killer storyline to the game.

Players competing in the challenges will get to earn access to a simulated environment showing the crime scenes of a mysterious murder and players will need to investigate and find clues on the crime scene. They can walk around the environment and take in clues form the screen to investigate this new killer that seems to have the power to turn others into glass.

The update will also come with some bug fixes for the game.

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2020 Kia Sorento: Another First For Kia


The 2020 Kia Sorento will be arriving in Europe with a new type of camera-based display.

Called the Blind-Spot View Monitor, the 2020 Kia Sorento will be the first European Kia to feature a tech displaying the rearward blind of the vehicle. Using some wide-angle cameras that are mounted on the door mirrors, the vehicle will replay video feed to the digital instrument cluster replacing the speedo and tacho to how the driver is there is anything in their blind spot.

This will happen when the driver indicates that they want to change lane. According to Kia, the system will offer a much wider viewing angle than the standard mirrors and will help improve the safety of the vehicle.

The new tech will come with a Surround-View Monitor, Bose sound system and parking collision avoidance. The updated 2020 Kia Sorento is set to arrive in the second half of the year.

Toyota Highlander Heads To The UK With Hybrid Engine


Toyota will finally be offering their updated Toyota Highlander in the UK. This model was on display that the New York Auto Show last year and comes riding on the TNGA-K Global platform and now Toyota has confirmed that it will be offered in the UK as well.

The UK version will be offered with only one engine option which will include the 241bhp petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. According to Toyota, the new powertrain will have a WLTP CO2 emission of 146g/km and a two-tonne towing capacity.

The powertrain will consist of a 2.5 liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine that will be paired with an electric motor. The vehicle will come with four drive modes including a Trail mode and an EV mode. On the inside, the vehicle will be fitted with USB ports along with the head-up display, wireless phone charging, infotainment system with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and also a digital rear-view mirror.

Other details like the pricing and UK specs will be unveiled early next year.